St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Family Tree, August 24, 1916

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    Summary of all ancestral companies ultimately making up the Frisco as of August 24, 1916.

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    Nice info! Thanks for posting.
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    Good information! Thanks a bunch! Saved to my Frisco Lines folder!
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    August 24,1916 , the date of the list, was also the date the Frisco emerged from the 1913-1916 receivership.
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    Had a few minutes to read through the above, and it's interesting that I do not find the Fayetteville & Little Rock mentioned.

    According to Clifton E. Hull's book, "Shortline Railroads Of Arkansas", the state of Arkansas granted a charter to the F&LR on Sept. 4th, 1886. Construction began on the F&LR Dec. 4th, 1886, at Fayette Junction, where it connected with the Frisco's Monett, MO/Fort Smith, AR/Paris, TX line. The F&LR progressed to Powell, Arkansas (25 miles) by February 1887. The Frisco then purchased the F&LR (retaining the corporate name) on February 23rd, 1887 and extended it to St. Paul, which was said to have been reached on July 4th, 1887. This line went on to become the Frisco's "St. Paul Branch", and eventually was extended (in 1897) all the way to Pettigrew, AR, making a total of some 40.9 miles of branch extending from Fayette Junction.

    The above can be found on page 348 of Mr. Hull's book.
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    Thanks, Jeff. Valuable information.
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    I converted the documents to a PDF for ease of use (and download).


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