Spectrum 63" drivered 4-6-0s

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    Micromark is advertising the sound-equipped models for $168.50. Frisco had many series of Baldwin 63" drivered ten wheelers. This model matches many of them, including 438-447, 467-478, etc. The modeled domes represent turn-of-the-century Baldwin engine styles. The modeled driver spacing appears to be even.

    Micromark also has a good price on the modernized 4-4-0, which look like Frisco's 182-series (but with coal rather than oil tenders).


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    The 52" driver version is available again. What are good prototypes? No. 75 (ex JLC&E 35) and the 539-548 series Baldwins from 1898, pre rebuild to 0-6-0, are possibilities.
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    Doug, I'd think that if I ever managed to model the River Division in the steam heyday, several of the 52" drivered versions numbered in the 500-series would be perfect for "strawberry locals" out of Chaffee. I don't have it handy, but I think that Frisco Power even features one of the 500s being stored at Chaffee. Can't remember if it's in the 539-548 group, but I think the Spectrum model would certainly pass.

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