SLSF Early EMD GP38-2's, Enid Negative Collection

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    SLSF 663, EMD GP38-2, 2000 HP (class unit) - first Frisco GP38-2
    SLSF 671, EMD GP38-2, 2000 HP
    SLSF 690, EMD GP38-2, 2000 HP
    SLSF 693, EMD GP38-2, 2000 HP
    SLSF 695, EMD GP38-2, 2000 HP

    Here are five pics of early Frisco GP38-2's from my "Enid" negative collection.

    Note the good left-side profile roster shot of SLSF 663, Frisco's very first GP38-2. This, and all the units in the SLSF 663-699 GP38-2 series were received in 1972, starting in March, ending in December.

    The other four pics are all of the right side of these GP38-2's.

    On 663, note the features that should be added to our models - the nose gyra-light, the Leslie horns (all horns forward on 663), the roof rotary beacon, the whip radio antenna, the various lift rings and grab irons, the cab sun shades, the cab windshield wipers, the fuel tank details, and the speed recorder cable on the front truck axle. Detail parts are available in HO for each of these.

    Note also these pics provide some insight into how EMD (GM) did locomotive transitions to new models. These pics are each GP38-2's, a new EMD model, and a new model to the Frisco. But, as opposed to how GM transitioned their cars from one model year to the next, i.e., a sharp line, the transition from one EMD model to the next was gradual. When the 1972 GM auto, say a Chevy, was introduced, it was distinctly different from its 1971 predecessor. However, the new GP38-2, like SLSF 663, shared a number of features from its predecessor - the GP38, like SLSF 662, a GP38AC delivered in mid-1971, that were changed to improved designs in later GP38-2's that followed.

    I noted in my earlier posting for the "Enid" pics of the Frisco SLSF 400-478 series of later GP38-2's, delivered in 1973-1976, that the EMD GP38-2 had three generally distinctive features marking them as being different from a GP38:
    - the oval sight glass opening on the left hood at the rear just before the radiator section (common to all "Dash Two's")
    - the closely spaced radiator fans, as opposed to those on the GP38 which were noticably farther apart
    - the improved Blomberg B-B truck design, which included a revised spring assembly and snubbers on one end of each axle.

    The main, and most significant, improvement of the GP38-2 vs the GP38, was an improved electrical system, common to all the "-2's" (Dash Twos). But, these changes were internal, not very visible from the outside.

    SLSF 663 was a "new and improved" EMD GP38-2, containing the new electrical improvements. But, it, and its early GP38-2 mates, as evidenced by these photos, did not incorporate all of the GP38-2's later distinctive external features.

    - Clearly, SLSF 663 has the wider spaced radiator fans shared by its GP38 brothers. Compare these to the fans on the later SLSF 400-478 GP38-2's which are almost mounted right next to each other
    - SLSF and its early GP38-2 brothers also still used the older Blomberg truck as used on the GP38. Note no snubbers, no revised spring systems.
    - But, marking SLSF 663 and its brothers as GP38-2's, is the left side sight glass port (can't see this on 663, but it is clear on the other four pics showing the right side).

    Thus, it is evident that EMD made changes to its new units gradually, not on a sharp line of departure like was done with GM automobile models.

    There is a surprise on the 690 pic - the front truck is the new design Blomberg. I'll wager this was a swap-out during a shopping. The other pics show those units all riding on the older truck.

    These are the last of the "Enid" negative pics. I hope you enjoyed seeing them - I certainly enjoyed bringing them forward after they sat hidden in my piles of "stuff" for several years after they were given to me.


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    Those are some nice one's, Ken.
    I wish your geep 7's had been as clear.
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    Sherrel - So do I, but we gotta go with what we are given. I fixed up several of the GP7's as best I could - they were all horribly dark.


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