SLSF coal hoppers with BN patch

Discussion in 'Hopper Cars' started by Todd Pendleton, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. I picked up two HO scale McKean Frisco hoppers today (SLSF 88321) and want to make them BN-patched. Can't find photos of these hoppers patched. Looking to see what BN numbers would have been given to them as well.
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    First. Welcome to the Frisco website, Todd!!! I'm not sure what the numbers are for your railcars but I know you are asking the right people who can answer your question.

    Please go to forum and click on new member introductions and tell us about yourself. We would like to hear about your model efforts. Do you have a layout, if so, please post photos. You might consider starting a new thread for your layout and tell us what your goals are. Just a thought. Again, welcome to the Frisco website.

  3. yardmaster

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    Todd -
    Just came across your post. You'll likely not find any SL-SF to BN renumbering data on this site. For many of us, there was no need or desire to track such things after 11-21-1980 and the merger. :)

    There may be some info lurking in the depths of the site; the Advanced Search might turn up something that helps.

    Generally, any photos of patched or renumbered items will show up if it's still mostly representative of Frisco equipment, paint schemes, etc.

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    I am not going to say it never happened, but I can't say I have ever seen one.

    I've seen Frisco hoppers that were sold to helm. The only change was to the reporting marks ( they became hlmx )

    I have posted some photos of hoppers I have seen here.

  5. RogerRT

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    Well, fortunately some of us did see the need to preserve for history what happened after Nov.1980...Built in 4/77 by Frisco this was the last series to use the small reporting marks, SLSF #88400 was the 1st to use the large block numbers. SLSF #88321 was assigned BN #541221, that's about all I know on this particular car, I never did see a one with a BN patch. Most cars of this type remained in full SLSF dress until late 1987 when they became due for their 10-year overhaul in which they were repainted and given their BN dress & a 540000-54200 number. However, in late 1988 before this program was completed BN decided to reassign around 350 of the earlier SLSF 88000's into MOW service. They were repainted mineral red & given a 551000 number in random order, most of the cars around #88321 were reassigned with a 55100 numbers but not all. The overhaul program was completed in 1991 when the last of the 88000's were rounded up & sent thru the shop emerging in their BN paint scheme but still a few managed to slip thru in full SLSF regalia. It is true some hoppers were sold to Helm but they were not from the 88000 class, the were from the SLSF #87400-87799 series built by Greenville in 1972 & 1975. They were the last ones purchased new before Frisco decided to build their own from ACF kits, the 88000's remained property of the BN/BNSF throughout their service life. The last one I saw in full SLSF dress was the 87819 on 6/20/1997 in Pasco, WA., I think there is a picture of it in the Archives, truly the last of the mohicans...Roger
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply, Roger! I agree with you that fans will keep track of dispositions of cars, locomotives, and track of their favorite railroad after that railroad merges or is broken up and sold off. Todd
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    Good detailed information, Roger. And I should clarify that I'm glad you and others did track it. In 1980, I was 8 years old, and mad, ignorant and confused over why the Frisco was disappearing. I think I'm still carrying vestiges of that emotion some 38 years later. I should probably talk to my employer's EAP. :)

    Once I got my first 35mm camera, I took a lot of BN photos, not knowing at the time whether it was ex-SL-SF or not. Figured I could sort it all out later.

    Best Regards,
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    I understand, I was 16 & drifting towards other interests, March 1980 was really the last time I documented anything Frisco. To me Frisco was boring the year before the merger & those green 86000 hoppers really did me in...But the merger woke me up & I started paying attention again...until 1984. Once the dark green plague totally enveloped Friscoland it really became a depressing place, layoffs, stored engines/cabooses, branch lines ripped up, shops closed, etc...That was much tougher to see than merger day...Roger

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