SLSF 4-4-0 #148

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  1. Oldguy

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    So, I was looking at a bunch of other photos in the Missouri State Archives photostream when I ran across this photo -


    I can't embed the direct photo.
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  2. FriscoCharlie

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    What a great photo!

  3. timothy_cannon

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  4. Karl

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    On the Osceola Sub, aka the Leaky Roof, in Polk Cnty.

    I believe Fair Play... Am away from home and my notes, so Brad Scott can correct my memory.
  5. Oldguy

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    One issue with the Missouri Archives, they don't necessarily have the photo descriptions. This one reads "Train pulling into Town".

    Okay, Charlie - how'd you do that?? (imbed the photo, that is)

    They have a photo of a MoPac (?) excursion that has an ancient Frisco stack-side gon that may be of interest.

  6. This photo of SLSF 148 was taken at Aldrich, Mo. The train is southbound, and the depot and water tower are behind the train (partially visible).
  7. Oldguy

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    Aldrich? Wow, you guys are good!!

    I guess I (and Charlie) need to add that to the file name.
  8. Jim James

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    This stuff is great for my 4-4-0 addiction!

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