SLSF 1727 bay window cab

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    Attached is a pic of SLSF 1727, sitting at Newburg, Mo in the fall of 1980. The railroad was shut down that day, a Saturday, because of a wreck up around Dillon-Cuba. This train ..... looks like the last car is a ballast car, was sitting at Newburg waiting for the clean-up crews to re-open the railroad eastbound. We stopped off at Newburg after driving down to Crawford County to pick up a "Mark Twain Forest cedar tree" for our backyard.

    BTW, that tree thrived, and is still doing fine in our former house's backyard.


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    Nice photo, Ken...this is one of the Consolidated Mechanical Shops home-builts, correct?

    Aside from an old wooden caboose that was at a park in Chaffee, my first (and only) experience with sitting in an active Frisco caboose was one of the new bay-window jobs during Chaffee's "Frisco Days" in August, 1980. I'd wish my folks had throught to take along a camera!

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    Yes, a CMS bay-window it was.

    Wish I would have had a better camera with me. Sorry about the grainy pic.

    The idled train stretched up into the bluff area and I could not get a shot of the power.

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