SLSF 1726-1735 Bay Window

Discussion in '1726-1735' started by roger, Jun 6, 2001.

  1. r c h

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    Sure did, Paul. I got it as I was running out the door to go to work last night.
  2. SLSFU25B

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    One of the only surviving Frisco shots I still have, here's a blurred #1727{?} rolling westbound through the Geyer Road / {Windsor Spring} crossing. The date is the spring of 1980. At the time, there were TWO gas stations on the old commuter shelter's plot - a Shell full-service, and a Site "quik-serv."[​IMG]
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    Wow! Memories of the past! Whatever happened to Site? Another brand was Mars. Wonder what happened to them?
  4. WindsorSpring

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    I do not think that it was a Site station, especially by 1980, but cannot remember what brand it sold. George Couture who ran the Shell station had a fine collection of Lionel train cars in the office. They were mostly Shell tank cars, of course! The whole plot is now a Phillips 66 operation with a car wash on the east end and a convenience store where the Shell station was.
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    That second station changed hands a couple times before it was torn down. I remember Site and Fina - the Fina chain was affiliated with Gulf oil in the 70's and '80's. Couture's Shell lasted at least until '89 or '90 - George loved working on my first car, a '76 Formula Firebird.
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