Serious question about Newburg-Input Please

Discussion in 'General' started by frisco1522, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. frisco1522

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    I have the roundhouse/turntable "module" benchwork built up and mocked up where it will be on the layout.
    My serious dilemna is in order to place the roundhouse correctly, it will have to be in the position shown in the photo. It sure would make life a whole lot easier to flip this thing 180 deg and have the turntable close to the yards.
    If I actually did this, would I lose my standing as a Frisco modeler? Everyone knows what a nitpicker I am.
    In the long shot, the line closest to the edge is the roundhouse lead from the east end. The blue chalk line is the main line location.
    What do you guys think?
    I have a few more "cleats" to put on the joists to attach the plywood to and the benchwork is done. (Except for cutting the opening for the "Branch".

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  2. meteor910

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    Don -

    Golly gee, my friend! You are qualified for considerable modeler's license - much more than most given how accurate you are. Flip the thing 180deg. After all, your rail cross section and your couplers are not true to the prototype either. We must be allowed some lanyap for practical reasons in this hobby!

    Heck, I'm doing a Frisco Racehorse E8B and planning a Frisco F-M Trainmaster hump engine in b/y. How's that for prototype "lanyap"?

  3. DanHyde

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    Hey Don,
    I don't think that anyone will " run you out on a rail" !!! Sometimes, a few liberties must be taken in order to get as close as possible. The sad thing would be to not model at all!! I am planning to use some Bachman " Big Haulers" to represent some of the berry pickers. They will be close, but not exact. In large scale, we really are left to some serious representations!
  4. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    OK, so I turned the roundhouse module 180 deg. It's not prototpically correct any more, but is much more operationally and esthecially pleasing.
    I'll be able to have a tangent to the west where the coal chute, ash pit, rip track, etc will go. Maybe the Frisco should have laid it out this way to begin with.
    Hope I didn't lose my Frisco Modeler's license over this.[​IMG]

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  5. meteor910

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    Don -

    Looks good. Like you said, maybe the Frisco should have sited the roundhouse that way as well. Neat to hear you are also going to include "the Branch". How about the bar straddling it?

    Where you gunna set the diesel shop?

    Just kidding! Just kidding!

  6. yardmaster

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    Sounds like a fine decision, Don, and I suspect the finished product will still look, feel and smell like Newburg (and sound like it, too, based on your video clip).

    I appreciate your dilemma, and it's one well worth the hand-wringing and anguish. I struggled with the how to make Chaffee work for years from a modeling standpoing but without changing too much of the character. In my case, I finally decided I would need to sublet a corner of the Hearnes Center field house.

    But I hijack the thread. Your photos are good inspiration to move along with our benchwork on a warmer day (or free up some budget to run HVAC ducts to the garage).

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