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    Of the the three F-3A units (5002, 5006, and 5012) that were renumbered, does anyone know if any or all of these particular diesels were repainted in red/white? On page 64 of "Frisco In Color" in the bottom photo, the third unit from the end appears to be a "chicken wire" F-3A...can anyone verify this? Thanks for you help. Larry F.
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    Ray-thanks for your help-it's greatly appreciated. Larry F.
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    Larry, the renumbering/repainting of the three units you mention took place in 1969.

    Regarding the picture you point out, the third unit from the rear of the consist is indeed as you describe. Refer to the picture a the top of page 56 of Frisco in Color of #5008.
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    There seems to be confusion here regarding "chicken wire" F3A's on the Frisco. They only had two "chicken wire" units, F3A's SLSF 5000 and 5001. They were so-named because the "chicken wire" used to cover the openings running along the top of the F3A body sides also extended down to cover over the four square lower side vents as well. The yellow side stripe was not continued under the chicken wire, so these two units are easy to spot while they ran in the b/y livery. This was a Phase II F3A. The remainder of the Frisco F3A's, SLSF 5002-5017, had body side louvers similar to what the later F7A had, used the "chicken wire" to cover only the upper side body openings, and had the yellow side body stripe run the length of the unit. These were Phase IV (I think) F3A's. SLSF 5014 on page 56 of "Frisco in Color" is such a unit. To see pics of a true "chicken wire" F3A, see SLSF 5000 and SLSF 5001 on page 81 of Dr. Marre's "Frisco Diesel Power".

    SLSF 62 made it into the o/w livery, but does anyone have evidence 66 or 64 did? All I have for those two is them in th elater austerity b/y scheme (ugh!).


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