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  1. FRISCO4503

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    Has anyone ever approached RAPIDO Trains about making a run of FRISCO passenger cars , freight cars and cabooses? I have one coach and MAN the detail is outstanding, What are ya'lls thoughts on this?
  2. cthart

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    Their caboose is only accurate for some Canadian prototypes, the rest are foobies. Caveat emptor.
  3. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Man, I wish Rapido would. They would sell out quickly. Come on Texas Special. Would that not be neat a combo Frisco Katy train. DCC with interiors and lights with the drumhead lit. I just would never buy the brass one from Precision, top of the line and great looking. I just do not do brass.
    Bill Jackson
  4. gstout

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    Walthers sent out a survey a while ago asking whether (whomever responded, I guess) would buy a set of various cars similar to what they did for the CITIES fleet, HIAWATHA, 20th CENTURY, SUPER CHIEF, etc. One of the choices on their ballot was a TEXAS EAGLE and (I think) a COLORADO EAGLE, but no METEOR or TEXAS SPECIAL. There was a spot for write-in candidates, however, so, of course, I put in a plug for our favorites. Did anyone else get this survey? Personally I would not be much interested in a Rapido version because the cars are Canadian prototypes (and well-executed at that), but they are too far off the mark to be credible. You would be better off buying undecorated Walthers P-S cars and painting them or else buy the car sides from Union Station products and building them yourself. The only problem with this, of course, is that decals are hard to come by and as far as I know are not being produced by anyone.


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