Railroad overpass north of Rogers AR

Discussion in 'Bridges' started by patrick flory, Nov 2, 2019.

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    US 62 goes under this right near the Missouri state line, a few miles south of Seligman, MO. Is this Frisco? There’s a sign on it for some tourist railroad railroad that I couldn’t identify. What’s the story?

    This is very model worthy, these old narrow underpasses are being replaced every day.

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    Patrick, that was the Frisco Ft Smith Sub from Monett to Ft Smith.
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    Search for the A&M. Periodically, the Seligman Chamber of Commerce sets up rides from Seligman MO. to Van Buren AR. Passed thru here many times. At different times my father ran a filling station on the east of the road north, nothing but a slab now, and my grandfather ran a filling station on the west side of the road north at the state line a little north of this bridge. I'll try to dig up a picture. Things have changed a lot.
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    Station is on the state line, west of Highway 37. My grandfather Opal Williams operated this station in the mid-late 70s. Tracks ran a few yards behind the station.
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    FB_IMG_1564799540469.jpg FB_IMG_1564799534844.jpg FB_IMG_1564799526865.jpg

    Pictures of a derailment of northbound Frisco train at Gateway Arkansas. I took these as a teenager, under my great uncle's tutelage. Wheels jumped the tracks entering the curve turning north in Arkansas heading for the MO line, when they hit the switch at Gateway the cars hit the ground. Mid '70s timeframe. The heavy equipment you see laying around is from the construction of Beaver Dam. Including a couple of tiny diesel locomotives. Wish I'd thought to photograph them.
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  6. April

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    Question concerning the derailment. The boxcars appear to be those 40' mini "high cube" for appliance loading. Anyone have any ideas on where they would be heading?
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    The 40' hi-cubes were going to/from Whirlpool at Fort Smith. Often such cars were in assigned service, as I recall. Because of their height, those cars had the ability to stack refrigerators two high and thus were very valuable to Whirlpool at the time and allowed them to save in shipping costs.

  8. April

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    Did the Frisco have any 40' high cubes like those? If so I'd love to see a pic of them (thinking it would be a cool addition to a HO scale layout).
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  9. pensive

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    The Frisco didn't have 40' High-Cubes in dedicated Whirlpool service, instead they had fifty footers with waffle sides. Tangent makes a 40'er that appears to be a dead ringer for the Burlington car in the wreck photos:

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  12. William Jackson

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    Yep I know that one, you aught to try rerailing one of those.
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    Besides the UP and CB&Q cars in those derailment pics can anyone recall any other road names of 40' high cubes that ventured to the Whirlpool plant? Again to add realism to my future model layout.

    P.S. Those Tangent cars are pretty slick if a bit pricey.
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    For sure, I haven't been able to convince myself to part with the dough for Tangent cars yet....

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