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Discussion in 'General' started by Robleese, Oct 8, 2020.

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    21B02CA1-9165-4FA9-9071-301F84F1C6F7.jpeg 5A3F4F3B-C753-4A1A-95DA-C6EA48754A5B.jpeg In past I have posted several “what if” creations. This boxcar, however, is the genuine article
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    First: Excellent Model!

    I just received some decals from K-4 supply in HO scale for a similar project. What kid of variety did QA&P have for boxcars? Any prototype pictures available?
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    One photo came from the internet...the other is a scan from the Hofsommer book qap_531.jpg qap_tank 310_1.jpg
    The other posts I have done here indicate I often print my own decals. I use MS Publisher to do the art work and save it as a .pdf. Included here is a .pdf of the old QA&P herald which can be printed on waterslide decal paper.

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    Awesome. Thanks!
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    I'll say - That first 1:1 photo is very clear and has detail!
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