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Discussion in 'Memorabilia' started by murphy millican, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. On the way home from the big train show in Springdale,AR I stopped at some antique stores to see if there was any moe railroad goodies in the stores. I finally found something at the second store I went in. I bought a Quanah, Acme, and Pacific Rwy. Magnify Glass/Paperweight. The lady running the store said it was used to read maps. The item is a glass square about 3.5'' x 3.5'' In the center the glass is raised about an inch up in a dome shape, and that is the magnifying area. Around the dome reaching to the eadges is a black leather-like material and in gold lettering it says Quanah, Acme, & Pacific Railway CO. Quanah,Texas then on the other side of the dome(the top of the item) it has the Quanah Route logo with the indian cheif. in the bottom on the glass it has made in the USA. I hope to post photos soon. My computer dosen't seem to always like my camera. What I'm wondering is how common is this item, and how much is it worth(I paid $15 for it and set of M-K-T RR pens).
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  2. Jim James

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    When I was a little kid in the 60s I remember playing with one at my grandparents just like the one you described including the leather like material around it but different logo. Not railroad.
  3. TAG1014

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    Sounds like a decent price. I think you paid the going rate. Should you want to sell it, you ought to be able to get your money back and maybe a little more. I'd keep it, it's a neat little artifact.

    Tom G.
  4. I plan on keeping it. I was just hopeing I didn't pay to much for it. I'd never really seen one before then, but now I know what it is. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Sirfoldalot

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    That's a nice find, Murph.
    Better keep it on the QT round here.
    Tom Holly may want to fight you for it!
    I'm tempted .. lol
  6. yardmaster

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    I actually two: a "Soo Line" glass that my wife's grandmother gave to me, and a Missouri Military Academy glass from my father-in-law.

    Beyond those two, I've not ever seen others. However, I use both of them on my workbench for looking at photos and books as I model; I find that just putting the glass on the photo/book page provides excellent magnification without adjusting back and forth.

    Best Regards,
  7. WindsorSpring

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    It sounds like you have made quite a find. Not only is it **<<QAP (sort of Frisco)!!!>>**, but Yardmaster points out it is practical, too. It will come in handy for lots of things, especially when you get old! I agree with him that you should tell absolutely no one on this board that you have it! ;-)

    George Nelson
  8. gjslsffan

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    I am going to hold my breath until you sell it to me!!!:D:D:D
    I never find cool stuff like that.
    I you ever want to get rid of it, let me know.
    Tom Holley
  9. Tom, If I ever do sell it you will be the first one I contact. It seems to be one of my big finds from the show. The other two big finds were a Muskogee Roads (MV,KO&G) train order clip and blue Frisco drinking glass from one of the passenger trains. Thanks again for the info. When I can get to a good computer I will post a pic of the magnify glass.
    Thanks again
  10. WOW!!! I just found another one of ebay for almost $200. The owner of this one says its from the 1920's, and confirms its a map reader. Mine is in much better condition though(leather-like stuff is well worn on this one). So my find gets better and better.
  11. SteveM

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    Those glasses with the blue logo and printing were nice. I somehow resisted the urge Friday during setup and tried not to look that way much Saturday, although they were the closest vendor to our N scale layout. If anyone out there really wants one (they had two and I think one went home) I can get the vendor's info.
  12. Steve, I always buy too much at the vendor. He always gives me real good prices. He is a former Frisco Dining Car Steward, so he usually will tell you the exact history of each item he has for sell. I easily spent over $50 at that booth.

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