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    What decals are available for the Q A & P? I'm planning on taking some creative license and turning a Sierra RR 2-6-6-2 into a Q A & P locomotive, and am wondering what all will have to be created. I might need some in N scale, as well, for one place on the locomotive.


    Paul Moore
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    Speaking of QA&P decals, are there any N scale decals available for the QA&P lettered GP-7s (546, 547 and 564)? I'd like to re-letter one of my Atlas geeps for the "Q. I remember seeing one of those as a teenager in Springfield and I was puzzled because at the time I'd never heard of the QA&P!

    Tom G.
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    Thanks. How about Q A & P freight cars, caboose or steam decals?


    Paul Moore
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    Good luck with that Paul. Not trying to be obtuse, but as an avid QA&P modeler there just aren't any current mfgr making QA&P decals HO/N or otherwise, other than the ones I posted above. I have an ALPS printer and can make some of my own decals, currently the printer isn't working. Sunshine models went out of bidness a few years ago.
    Oddballs decals can be found on e-bay as well as other sources. Oddballs has been out of business for all practical purposes for years, but you can still find his decals on-line on occasion.
    As far as steam locos, I am not aware of anyone that makes QA&P decals, the numbers are RR Roman and are available via Microscale. That may be your only choice at this point. They have decal paper for inkjet printers that can be used for the emblem, and those are available on this site. Regrettably, you may at some point have settle for good enough for some things QA&P..

    For such a tiny railroad, it just astonishes me how many folks want to model it. I find it fascinating for a 113 mile bridge railroad, with very little local traffic. I am glad for it though. And wish you the best of luck.
    Feel free to use any and all of my images of QA&P stuff on this website to make your own decals. If you do, please post, so others may have a chance to get same.

    Is your "one place" the herald on the front of steam locos?
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    Hi Tom,

    It's not a huge surprise that there's little to nothing available.

    The original plan when I bought this model awhile back was to do it in my home road--Bonanza & Western--a takeoff of the D&RGW (herald and lettering, not flying rio grande). But I've decided I like it better as the Q A & P. Since this isn't anything the Q A & P ever had, I'm thinking of using some artistic license on the paint job, as well.

    Attached are a couple of photos of the bare brass model and one I created in the computer of what am thinking about. Since there are no decals available, I could just do the usual number on the tender sides and rear, Q A & P on the cabside, and herald on the front of the smokebox cover.

    Do you know if you can run decal paper through a laser printer? I don't have an operable inkjet, and the decals will be black and white, whatever image I decide on.


    Paul Moore

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    To resurrect an old thread, if you all are still looking for QA&P custom decals. When I had the sets made for the POCR I used a hobby supply by the name of CMR Products.

    I had to pay a set-up fee to get them but the sets them selves were relatively inexpensive. Perhaps you guys could go together and split the set-up fee and get your decals.

    But, if there is no other source available and you just have to have them.......

    I also got my custom SKOL decals from them.
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    Check out K4_Pacific on eBay. He is producing decals like mad and has QA&P GP7 Diesel decals right now.

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