Paola vs. MKT "Long Track"

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    Can anyone give any more detail on MKT's track connections to the Frisco at Paola? I know MKT trains could enter through the "short way" or "short x-over" near the Paola depot, or continue up the "Long Track" which paralled the Frisco for some distance. I am unclear just how long of distance this was, and at what milepost the Long Track connected with the Frisco main. Also, was the Long Track always MKT property, or a remnant of double track?


    Ted Ferkenhoff
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    The PS (point of switch) of the MKT Long track was at MP C-41+30-1/2 poles. It was a CTC controlled switch.

    The Long Track was MKT tackage and it was not a remnant of double track.
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