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  1. FriscoCharlie

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    We have received a question asking us if we know the origin of this image.

    Any help is appreciated.


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  2. Turky44

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    Artist: Bern Hill

    Maybe 1951?
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  3. gbnf

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    It is indeed by free-lance graphic designer, illustrator and painter Bern Hill (1911 – 1977). His work for General Motor's Electro-Motive Division, circa 1950 - 1956, was used as covers for Railway Age Magazine. Some were turned into high quality promotional posters.


    This one in black and white was used as the front cover of the Frisco Museum All Aboard magazine Jan-Feb 1994.

    - George
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  4. gbnf

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  5. meteor910

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    It was also used on the cover of an issue of Kalmbach's Trains.
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  6. modeltruckshop

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    I have seen it offered as a poster or print on eBay too.
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  7. FriscoCharlie

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    The gentleman is wondering about copyright issues using the image in a book.
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  8. gstout

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    It is not uncommon for railroad books and articles about railroads to include images of advertising created on behalf of the subject railroad. As long as the written work is not a compendium of the ads themselves, but is identified as a promotional piece used to promote, in this case, EMD passenger diesels, with the artist identified, there should not be a problem. I would guess, if there is a copyright, it is held by General Motors.

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  9. gbnf

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    One of the comments on the page I linked:

    "I've just written my first novel about the Santa Fe Super Chief and I've been trying for months to find out how I could get permission to use the image from Santa Fe - The Chief Way, for the front cover. I've contacted GM and BNSF to see if they have the rights but they say they do not. I cannot find anything about his estate or who to contact to get permission to use one of his images." (Doug Folsom, October 2012)

    Another site definitely shows the image used as the cover for the October 29, 1951 issue of Railway Age.


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    Thanks. Hopefully this will help him.

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