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    Here is a much simpler version of a LP gas unloading rack located at Dixon Mo, the siding serving this industry has long since been removed, along with most of the rest of the industrial sidings! Basically it could handle one car and did not have any kind of platforms that would allow a worker access to the tops of the cars. It was pretty bare bones as the worker had to use the ladders on the cars to get up there.


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    Re: Operations Scenerio #1


    Sorry I missed you at the Turkey Creek show last weekend. I did get a chance to talk to Keith Robinson and Bob Wintle. I am still very much interested in operating on your layout sometime.

    I would like a copy of your Excel shippers database too. I am not ready to put it to use yet, but if don't put in a request now I will surely forget about your generous offer.

    Dale Rush
    Kansas City, Osceola and Southern Rlwy. "The Blair Line"
    Carthage, MO
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    Perfect timing for your post Brad! I am working on my Blairstown, MO module with Heet Gas Company's propane tank and unloading rack. I had no idea what a propane unloading rack would have looked like. The Dixon rack will work just fine for a small town propane dealer.

    Dale Rush
    Kansas City, Osceola and Southern Rlwy. "The Blair Line"
    Carthage, MO
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    To answer Bob's question of where they set out the diesel fuel tank cars coming from Wichita I would think they set them out in Columbus for points in Oklahoma/Texas or Kansas City. The local that worked Springfield to Neodesha and return did a lot of work in Columbus from the information and pictures I have been able to find. No need to take them all the way to Springfield to just have them double back to points south or north. Before the refinery in Neodesha closed I bet the Frisco bought fuel from them as well. I wonder what other refineries the Frisco served and when did they close?

    John Chambers
  5. MFreix

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    I want to say that the Derby Refinery shut down operations in 88 or 89. I'd have to go back through my research though to lock down an exact date.

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    John, you are right on about this. We (Tulsa and Ft. Scott crews) would pick up and set out at Columbus. Columbus would be a great place to model if someone is interested in doing a lot of switching with through traffic passing through. We would pick up southbound traffic for Tulsa and beyond and northbound traffic for KC and beyond. Also at certain times of the year there would be heavy grain traffic for additional operating scenarios. The switching would include switching cars for all four directions inbound and outbound. Terry

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