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    From my father's notes; late 60's

    The Santa Fe Drive flyover has changed much through Olathe. The Santa Fe connection now carries mainline freight trains and has CTC.

    olathe_c20_5.jpg olathe_c20_5p2.jpg
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    Folks -
    Eventually I'm going to find time to trapse around Olathe myself with camera in hand. Meanwhile, is the original US 56 underpass still in existence, or has the flyover construction obliterated it?

    I'm still trying to track down some better photos of the Frisco Olathe depot (and/or for the AT&SF depot, too), if anyone can recommend a source.

    I figure I'll have to resort to creative conjecture for any of the rail-served industries for my layout (e.g. Agrico, Wallingford Grain, Landmark Lumber, Champlin Oil).

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  3. Someone asked about old RR maps of Olathe in another thread.

    I finally found the online Johnson County atlas that I stumbled across earlier. It's through the Johnson County Historical Society's website:


    Go to the pulldown menu marked "browsing 1050 (or however many) items", and look for maps and atlases among the selections.
  4. Addendum: the main JoCoHistory website ( http://www.jocohistory.org/ ) also has quite a collection of scanned old photographs. If you browse by topic there are several on the topic "train stations", including some shots of the Strang Line (interurban?) and the KCFS&M.
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    Another photo from the Barriger Collection that I think might be just north of MP 21 on the south end of Olathe?


    Supporting Evidence:
    (a) Looks to be "Frisco Lake" to the right.
    (b) The water tank appears to be located in the correction location.
    (c) Bulk oil tank in the distance might be the right location for Champlin Oil, as noted in Karl's father's notes.
    (d) Semaphore would look to be Mile 20.9 (I think I'm reading this designation correctly)
    (e) Track appears to be curving in the correction direction, considering all other landmarks.

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