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    Folks -
    When looking at photos of the various Frisco oil-burning tenders and the pipe-handrail that runs topside, I always assumed that it was centered in the middle of the tender. In other words, it was effectively overlapping the rail center line.

    However, I see a Frisco Archive photo of this:


    And it seems to make sense for both the oil filler hatch and the "manhole" cover that it would be off-center, as it appears to be in this photo. Is this location typical for the prototype?

    As with many things Frisco, especially in the realm of steam motive power, the answer may be "always consult photos of your specific prototype."

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    Or it was nonexistent on some.
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    Interesting . The tank heat lines are on the engineer's side. I would have thought they'd be on the fireman's side, since he controls them. At first I thought the negative was flipped, but it's not.

    Many people would be surprised how "hand-built" most steam locomotives were, and just how much they got modified over their lifespans. The boards across the cab in that photo suggest this loco's career is over, parked on the dead line waiting to be scrapped. Who knows how different it was from its factory blueprints by this time?
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    In the case of the engine in the photo, she had a long way to go and still isn't scrapped.
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    If only it was that easy.
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    In today's railroading environment, steam on a PTC railroad is going to be a tall order to achieve, unless a waiver can be obtained. The UP is currently having difficulties getting the 4014 to meet PTC requirements.
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    PTC would be the least of the problems.
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    No doubt you are correct. But it's my understanding that any locomotive in the lead position on a PTC railroad must be PTC compliant. The estimates I have seen by those involved with such indicate to make a steam locomotive compliant at the minimum level runs $100-$150k. I've never been involved with a mainline steam move, but I do fear this mandate is going to severely impact main line moves for steam in general.
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