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    Our current collection of ETT's for the Northern Division is wonderful, but there is a gap between 1964 and 1975. By chance does anyone have an ETT for any of those years in between?

    I'm trying to narrow down what year the siding at Iantha was extended. In 64 it was listed as 44 cars long, and by 75 it was listed as 134 long. I need to ask Grandpa in case he remembers, but in case he doesn't I would like to narrow it down by ETT if possible.
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  2. Karl

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    Based on a track chart, the 1977 Annual report, ETT’s 2, 3 & 3A, and a couple of personal photographs, I believe that during 1974, the Frisco added 100-plus car passing tracks at Iantha and Elwood, replaced the APBS semaphores with tri-color lights, and installed CTC between Nichols and Elwood. The Frisco replaced the APBS with CTC during 1977. Effective Dec 20, 1977, The Missouri PSC allowed the Frisco to create a mobile customer service agency at Lamar. The agencies at Lamar, Liberal, Golden City, Iantha would be closed. The closures would save the Frisco $36,353 per annum. The CTC installation made these train order offices obsolete.
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  3. Iantha_Branch

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    Thanks a bunch Karl. I'm hoping that if I can give Grandpa a year, that'll help jog his memory. In 1969, he bought farm land that would have been in part of the new siding extension. What helped me put 2 and 2 together is the fact that the east side of the property had newer fence along the RR ROW than the west side of the property.
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  4. Karl

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    Iantha Track Chart 1930

    Iantha Track Chart Spring 1975
    iantha_track_chart 3.jpg

    Iantha Track Chart 1979

    iantha_track_chart 2.jpg

    BN Track Chart 1985
    iantha_track_chart 1.jpg
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    Thanks a bunch for posting those. That clears things up greatly. I thought the way the ETT was worded, there was a shorter version of the passing track in place, but those track charts indicate that isn't the case. When I get the time this winter, I need to do some more investigating, because I thought I could see differences in the fences due to the right of way being expanded at different times.

    Side note: I'm surprised the 1930 chart not only shows Hornaday, but still shows a siding there. The small bit of research I've put into that stop in the past indicated it was only there for a short time in the 1880's and maybe 1890's.

    Side Note 2: Also cool that the 1930 chart includes the Section House in Iantha. At one time the building had the Frisco name carved into the stone above the entrance, but it was plastered over at some point, probably when Beachner's Seed took over the building.
  6. Karl

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    The Hornaday side track disappeared sometime between 1940 and 1947.
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    Thanks for sharing that Karl.

    At one time I had a source on a plat map that showed where the cattle pens were at Hornaday, but I am unable to find it at this time. Drawing from memory the best I could, I sketched out roughly where the siding would have been and dropped a pin roughly where the stock pens were based on what information I have. Based on the track chart, I'm reasonably sure that the North (west) swtich for the siding would have been on the east side of the county road (now known at NW 30th ln). The siding at Hornaday is about the same length that the one at Iantha, which I have measured out at about 2800 ft, so I drew a line about the same length back to the east (RR South).

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    Update time:

    Had enough time after work before it got dark to go look some things over. Apparently I was mistaken in my memory where I thought I had seen newer steel posts in the south fence line along the ROW. It was all older wooden posts if there was anything left at this point. I forgot my measuring wheel, but paced it off and found that the fence lines are still 50 ft off the center of the main line on both sides. I approximated that the south fence is about 30 ft off the center of the passing siding. So that means the railroad did not resurvey and set new fence lines to expand the ROW after adding the passing siding.
  9. Karl

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    That is what the BN 1985 Chart shows.
  10. Iantha_Branch

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    I can see that now that I look again. Initially, I thought there was an additional line out to the side that indicated the ROW boundary had moved.

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