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Discussion in 'Afton Subdivision' started by Frisco2008, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I wish we had some bigger pictures of those cabooses.

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    Welcome to the Frisco website, James!!!
    I set this is your first post above. Just a suggestion, go to the forum page and click on the "New Member Introduction" and tell us about yourself and what you like about the hobby. Do you have a layout, if so please post pictures of it, we love photos?

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    I have done some modeling but have a bigger interest in the history of Afton OK when it was a division point in the late teens and early 20's. Also I had great uncles that worked on the NEO in Miami OK. Lester Pendley and JR Pendley. My grand father (Goerge Pendley) was an engineer on the Eagle Pitcher on the Russian Decapods.
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    So, it occurred to me today while looking at some Alco S2s on Ebay that the NEO's alco switcher were painted in a scheme almost identical to one of the schemes used by the susquehanna.

    In HO scale, Atlas has produced S2s in susquehanna paint. With just a little work, mostly removing lettering and relettering, it would be possible to turn those into NEO units, either before or after the Frisco takeover.

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    Is the caboose at Newburg one of the NEO group?
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    Someone posted this on Facebook today in the Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma railroading group.

    Enjoy. A few Frisco cars spotted.

    -Bob T.
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    For 8mm film, that is EXCELLENT quality.

    Thanks a bunch for sharing!

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    Did these S2's have MU capability?
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    This is a great video. In the later part of the video you can see the two throttling up at the same time further evidence they did indeed have MU capabilities.
    I wonder if it would have only been with other S2's though.
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    I believe they only M/Ued with other Alcos.
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    A number of years ago, I purchased a book entitled "Tri-State Traction". It contains a chapter on the NEO of about 40 pages. It also has many equipment photos and several pages of equipment rosters. It also contains sections on the Joplin-Pittsburg line and the Southwest Missouri railroad, all interurbans. There is also a large number of maps and a section on what is left. Written by Edward A. Conrad. Published by Heartland rails in Blue Springs, Missouri in about 2004. Excellent info on the subject.

    Tony LaLumia
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    I assume the single S-4 could tie into the m/u gang of S-2's as well.
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  15. S4 298 ex NEO 706 had mu both ends. S2 295-297 ex NEO 703-705 only had mu connections on cab end. S2s could mu with S4.
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  16. One of my 2 NEO switch lock keys
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    Thanks for that clarification, Karl.
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  18. Your welcome and thank you.
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  19. Just for info purposes one other thing that easily distinguished the NEO S4 from their S2s, besides the trucks, was that S4 706 had a painted rectangle around the number and initials on its cab and was retained even after becoming Frisco 298, whereas the S2s did not have the rectangle.
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    There is a photo attached to the very first post in this thread that contradicts this statement. It shows S2 NEO 705 with the rectangle on the cab.


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