No 3, The Will Rogers - SLSF 4519 Westbound On The Cherokee Subdivision - Claremore, OK - 11/4/1949

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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:

    Well, we know that the Frisco Meteor traveled from St Louis - Springfield - Tulsa - Oklahoma City. Did you know the Frisco had another train on similar route ~ Oklahoma's own The Will Rogers. Like Frisco numbers 4500-01-02, Frisco No. 4519 was a 4-8-4 Northern built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, but was built in 1943.

    This was a Special Train painted by the boys in the **Frisco West Shops in Springfield, Missouri to help Claremore, Oklahoma celebrate what would have been Will Rogers 70th birthday ~November 4th 1949. Will had died in a plan crash in 1935. Train No. 3 was on her break-in run as she was a coal burner and had just been overhauled. So she was back to pulling freight trains on her return to Springfield. They had to be careful as the lettering on the tender was put on with washable paint, to be removed upon hitting Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    We are lucky to have this photo !
    MSU Digital Collection

    The Will Rogers 11-04-1949 SLSF #4519 4-8-4.jpg
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