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  1. I'm working on a few MOW model pieces - not super detailed but just enough to have the right "look". They get parked along a parallel siding as a sort of backdrop - not really intended as operational but railway scenery. An excuse to gather some interesting rolling stock - and model well used oldies.

    This photo segment shows some boarding steps that are common to numerous examples I've seen on the site. However, none of the shots show enough to make a credible example on a model. Need something that has some depth to it! Looks like the bottom must be an "L" step section and then a pipe cross bar above that? Some have 4 hangers and this one 3.

    Thanx, Steve

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    The "standard" for step depth is 7 inches.
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  5. Many thanx, Karl - the Enid shot is just what the Dr. ordered.......
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