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    Guess it didn't take too long for me to start asking questions after all.

    I am planning to modify and repaint an AT&SF USRA 2-8-2 Mikado from Trix (#22591). Since ATSF didn't have any USRA Mikados and the number on the locomotive is for an oilburner I could pick one up at a good price. The locomotive is heavy and runs like a dream so I would really like to put it under Frisco colors.

    Having had a look around this forum (seems like an incredible source of knowledge and a friendly atmosphere from all posts I have read, really happy to have found it!) i realize I will not be able to reach the same standard neither when it comes to details nor craftmanship as most of you but I will give it a try.

    Planned modifications:
    New headlight with Frisco number plate.

    New exhaust for the booster engine (larger and placed on the right side)

    Additions to the sand dome (the wider base, larger pipes and three instead of two) (sorry if my terminology is wrong and please correct me to so I learn).

    Sunshades over the windows in the cab.

    Remove some handles on the roof of the cab.

    Make a dog house for the tender.

    Repaint and renumber.

    Now for the questions:
    Except for a higher roof on the cab (don't trust my own skill to try that yet) are there any other modifications I should do to make it a typical Frisco locomotive?

    The group I am a member of build modules (Fremo) and most focus on "The dry south western parts of the US". Were any of the USRA 2-8-2 stationed in a division where the landscape can be described like that or were all in the River division? (Late 40s early 50s) If so please give a suggestion on what number I should give the locomotive :)

    Posting a picture of the loco I am modifying, let me know if anything else looks wrong in general or wrong for a Frisco locomotive.

    USRA ATSF Mikado.jpg

    I am also getting inspired to make a layout based on Cherokee so if there is a number that was stationed close to Cherokee in the late 40s that would also be very interesting.

    My collection is currently very small but will focus on Frisco freight traffic in the late 40s (steam).

    That was it for the first real post, sorry for the wall of text.

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    Not all the Frisco engines got the higher cab roof, so you could realistically use one of those numbers.
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    It would seem that your model has a Hodges trailer (The Cole trailer was applied to the USRA Heavy Mikados). That type of trailer would not have had a booster engine. As did many roads, the Frisco replaced the Hodges trailer with a GSC Delta trailer, although not all of the Frisco’s USRA Mikados carried a booster engine. The sand dome looks good. The Frisco did apply sanding valve covers on nearly all of its steam power. The number and arrangement of the sand lines probably varied by engine and time; look through the Frisco Archive. The locomotives were never converted to oil, so they did not work on the Southwestern or Western Division. Add trim boards around the coal bunker. Add a smoke density lamp to the stack. Headlamp should be a Pyle-National with a visor.
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    Martin, nice looking locomotive!!! What scale?

  5. Martin L

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    Thanks for fast and informative response Karl! Seems like I will also need to find or make a new trailer :) Does anyone know if any of the Greenway Products trailers would be the right kind?

    I have searched the archives and from what I can see most of the Mikes have the higher roof and booster but I will keep looking, thanks for giving me hope to find one!

    Since no USRA Mikes were in Southwestern or Western division the Cherokee layout is getting closer. I just need to make a module where the colors shift from dry to green. But that also opens up the possibilities of River division so I will keep reading before I decide on layout.

    The locomotive is H0 scale from Trix (Märklin DC). It's a heavy beast but being Märklin made it is a cast metal body so modifications takes a bit of work.

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  6. klrwhizkid

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    Martin, the River Division above Cape Girardeau offers some nice limestone bluffs along the tracks next to the Mississippi that would be neat to have on a module.
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  7. Martin L

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    Trying to get the measurements right before I order any parts. Doing my best to think inches and feet but I am so used to metric so I will write all my measured numbers in mm (sorry about that).

    I measured the trailer truck of the model I have. I get 11,9-12mm wheel diameter which would translate to 41-42" wheels and a 24mm swing which would be a 82" swing. Are those numbers correct or did the measurements change from Hodges to Delta trailer?

    Was there a standard height for the trim boards on the coal bunker or did they differ between different locomotives?

  8. Karl

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  9. Martin L

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    Perfect, thanks Karl!

  10. Martin L

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    Don't know how I managed to not see the diagram before when I browsed the forum but thanks to Karl I have now ordered a trailer, booster engine, headlight and holder for the headlight (with coon style number plate).

    Estimated delivery 3-8 weeks so I have plenty of time to try to figure out a decent layout, fabricate the dog house and sun shades and hopefully start weathering some boxcars when they arrive.

    Again thanks for a very friendly welcome to the forum!

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  11. Karl

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