Modernized Pacifics - Early 1940s

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    Folks -
    Does anyone know of existing resources that would list out which of the Frisco Pacifics received the larger sand dome and subsequent removal of the bell to the smoke box front? I guess one can also throw in changes to the trailing truck as well.

    I've not been able to find anything, but thought I'd ask the question before trying to build a table o' data. Better question: would anyone else be interested in such a resource?

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    I'd say the best thing would be close examination of photos and dates of photos in the Collias and Stagner books. I don't think there's a list or data table of improvements as such. Don Wirth might have some suggestions.

    Tom G.
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    Since I last posted this message, I started going through all available photos either here or on the Frisco Archive along with other sources. The results are in the attached spreadsheet, which examines the following:
    • Bell Location
    • Trailing Truck
    • Sand Dome
    • Valve Gear
    • Pilot
    I have Frisco Power but have not added the photos included therein. I do not have the book(s) by Lloyd Stagner, so others are welcome to add anything that it would provide.

    I have also added a PDF version, for those that either do not have Excel, or do not want to modify/update data, or both.

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    If you have access to a locomotive diagram book or the Frisco museum reprint, the tip off of the 1040-1050's tipoff is 73" drivers. They put thicker tires on them.
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    Just realized that the spreadsheet and PDF copy had dates that were a little off kilter. I've revised and re-uploaded both files.

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