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Discussion in 'Divisions' started by douglas, Mar 5, 2002.

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    It's 14 X 20' with a small L by the entrance door. It's unfinished - still. I do my modeling in there during spring and fall.

    The Knoxville club guys let me run Frisco during their weekly sessions. The club cars are estate donated - about 250 of them - and include a lot of Frisco rolling stock. They model Cincinnati-Knoxville-Chatanooga using a large folded dog bone with reverted-loop staging off one of the loops to represent both the north and south ends. We have a Facebook presence - Knoxville Area Model Railroaders - and I'm one of the administrators.

    Check out the club's FB site for how I installed an ECO-200 and Zimo speaker in my 50-year-old blue box Athearn GP-7 599. That's the same one in the photo for our MAINLINE MODELER article on modeling the ex-AT&SF cabooses. I had 599 pulling 1158 in the photo.

    Thanks for asking. Doug, W. Knoxville
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    This brought a tear to my eye. I can imagine my dad mopping up at night waiting for the mail in that Rolla Depot. I'll admit to something illegal now. I went to UMR in the mid to late 80s. I would break in and spend many hours in the Rolla Depot before it was torn down by the BN. I was there during the demolition and had grand plans to take the Rolla stone on the front of the building which broke in half as it fell to the ground. I came back that night but, wow, was that thing HEAVY! Didn't get it...

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    This thread should probably be under modeling-general rather than divisions, but it works. Are there any updates from you fellow Lebanon fans? I'm crawling through the Walthers catalog this weekend looking for appropriate kits to bash for Lebanon industries. HD Lee and that dairy are HUGE, as is Detroit Tool. Time to check in again, modelers.
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    I've spent the day researching Lebanon, as you may note from my posts of this afternoon. I had saved the text of a June 2006 e-mail from Charlie Dischinger with his thoughts of switching Lebanon, which he did many times as engineer of the East local. I hope Charlie doesn't mind, but I'm pasting it below for general knowledge for all us Lebanon fans:

    "I had meant to mention in my last email, you aught to think about also building a model of the oil distributor which is now a Conoco on the west leg of the wye. If would make for a very challenging operating switching problem for people to spot cars on both legs of the wye. Especially with the oil distributor getting boxcars at the building door that are labeled, "UNLOAD THIS SIDE" in addition to the tank cars. If the boxcar came in headed the wrong direction, it would be necessary to turn the car on the wye before it could be spotted. Of course this would mean that the local crew would have to take that into consideration before they spotted the cars at the mill on the east leg. Of course a smart switching crew would figure out how to take the car down to the tail of the wye and spot it from there instead of from the mainline side if the car was facing the wrong direction. But even then, they would have to think way ahead in order to pull it off without a lot of extra moves.

    "Besides the wonderful switching problem it would cause, the oil tanks and other details associated with the distributorship would make a great looking model in addition to the mill."

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    Now that sounds like fun, and for the switching possibilities, a must-have if one has to pare down the potential industries on a layout. Going to have to search and see where the oil distributor was located, per your drawings.

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    Chris, as per Charlie's text, "west leg of the wye". It's on the outside (west side) of the west wye track and shown on Mike Newton's as well as Frisco's drawings.
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    Here is an attempt for Lebanon along the back 20' wall. It doesn't work well. The next attempt will have the wye protruding into the aisle closer to the corner to allow more aisle room. The top (purple) track will be at a lower level under the Lebanon city buildings for the return to Springfield/Newburg - this will be an out-and-back.
    Wall C first Pass.jpg
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    I like the start, Doug. Looking forward to the next version with a tweaked Wye.

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    Lebanon's MFA burned last night.
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    Aw man...

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