Merry Christmas 2015

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Joe Lovett, Dec 24, 2015.

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    Thank you George.

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    "Looks like Andre, left most all of us out."

    Nah... we're all some form of "train goober" any way you slice it! The general populace, as well as most railroaders, think our types a bit "odd". Their loss. As a general rule, we're all a bunch of cool dudes with a good sense of humor and fun to be around! Like I said: Their loss!
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    Back home from a wonderful Christmas with son Kurt, daughter-in-law Jennifer and Granddaughters Addison, Lauren and Regan at their home in Olathe, Kansas. Had lots of fun with the family in addition watching the BNSF a couple of times at the 119th St crossing (all pumpkins) , and in putting up the girls' Lionel Polar Express train set - then viewing that great Christmas movie. Never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Also went to their church for a Christmas Eve service, which was very nice, and during the introduction music, they showed a video on their viewing screen of a Lionel train circling a Christmas tree. The steam locomotive pulling the train was a Lionel 675, a 2-6-2 made up to look like a PRR K4 Pacific, complete with a Keystone on the smoke box door. Guess what - that was my first locomotive on my Lionel layout when I was a kid; Santa brought it in 1949. Never thought I would see one of those running again. Totally teared up at that moment as well.

    Only bad thing about the whole trip was the drive home tonight. Right after we hit Missouri, about 30 miles in, the rain and wind started up again, and pummeled us all the way to St Louis. Yuk! ..... at least it remained liquid, about 38 deg F. Caroline's VW Touareg, which we used instead of my Audi because it was stuffed full on the trip over last Wednesday, handled the weather, trucks and traffic well.

    Hope all had as great a Holiday as we did.

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    I resemble this remark LOL.. The BNSF sent a company photographer/writer to my house some time ago, she took 100's of photos of my MRR. It was in the division magazine, so yea, I will forever be seen now as the railroader with a MRR, but its OK.
    Merry Christmas and the best new year for everyone.

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