Map of the Lands of the Missouri River, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad Company

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    The map illustrates towns, railroad stations, county seats, rivers, creeks and townships of Bourbon, Crawford and Cherokee counties in Kansas.

    Date: Between January 01, 1880 and December 31, 1890

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    It's 1880 or earlier...The Arcadia-Coalvale, KS. branch was built 1877 & the Arcadia, KS.-MO.state line main was built 1880...What's really interesting is Litchfield is named Carbon, never seen that before...Roger
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    The map illustrates eastern Kansas and border counties in Missouri along the Missouri River, Ft. Scott, and Gulf Railroad company.


    Larger image and description at:

    Kansas Historical Society
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    Very weird to see a map that doesnt have the line going on down to Springfield, the MP going south towards Joplin and the KCS.
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    The Border Tier Road!

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