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    Here is a 1947 ad for a lounge car radio from the Rock Island. This one was manufactured by Collins, one of the big names in radios from that time period. RI began installing radios in lounges by the mid-late 1930s, and Frisco's practice was likely similar.

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    Oh, I like that. I see some very familiar callsigns from growing up; KFH, WIBW, WREN, KCMO... good stuff!
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    Page 83 of the new T.R.R.A. book METEOR shows the RCA receiver located above the window in the buffet section of the lounge-buffet cars. There was a car-length antenna on the roof suggesting AM band reception. There was a single speaker in the lounge area. As for ham radio aboard, that had to wait for the 1522 excursions when WB0ECM was in the cab with his 2-meter HT.
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    Great information Bill and Doug! Interesting that the radios were crystal contolled.

    Tom G.

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