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Discussion in 'Ft. Smith Subdivision' started by Coonskin, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Coonskin

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    Hi All:

    I have the ring-binder book "Timetables for the Frisco Lines and NW Arkansas" by Robert C. Oswald and it is a wealth of information.

    Unfortunately, it does not have any old time table pages printed that show speed limits/restrictions for the Fort Smith Sub.

    Do any of you have an Employees Time Table for the Ft. Smith Sub circa 1964? If so, what were the maximum speeds for 730/731 and 709/710 trains?


    Andre Ming
  2. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    Per ETT 45, 8/9/1964
    Monett to Fort Smith
    Psgr max 55 mph
    Frt max 45 mph
  3. Coonskin

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    Thank you Karl for that quick reply with the needed information!!

  4. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter


    Here are the Ft Smith Sub speed restrictions.

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  5. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Thanks again, Karl. Much appreciated. I have saved those to my folder!

  6. rc2477

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    Hello Andre
    I have a set of yard profiles for every town on the ft. smith sub. If these would be of any help in your ft. smith sub V scale creation I would ne happy to share them with you. I rescued them from the trash barrel back in 86 when I was still working for the A&M out of springdale, I'm eagar to run the line again!
  7. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member


    By "yard profiles"... do mean track charts or an actual profile (elevations) of the FS Sub?

    I have an elevation profile of the entire line, which I'm sure will prove to be helpful.

    I also have a set of track charts that cover the FS Sub from Wightman to just south of Fort Smith. They appear to be from about the mid-60's, which is nigh perfect for my target era.

    HOWEVER, I do not have a Frisco track chart for the town of Monett or the Whirlpool complex from the same era.

    What'cha got?

    EDIT: Make that from SF Jct in south Ft. Smith all the way to the Whirlpool complex.

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  8. SteveM

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    Coonskin, what date would you put on the FS charts that I posted a few months ago? Whirlpool is on them, which seems to make them newer than other elements like the team tracks in Zone 100 and 200.
    I'm interested in any information on the businesses between SF junction and Whirlpool, as I have started assembling benchwork for that area.
    I'll try to post a few photos as I make progress.
  9. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Hi Steve:

    The thread you reference must have slipped past me. Do you have an easy link you can post here to that thread? I will have a look at them.

    Andre Ming

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