Loading Ties on the Current River Branch

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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    Loading railroad ties on the Frisco Current River Branch in Shannon County Missouri Circa 1910-15.

    Tie loading in Shannon County on the Current River Branch ca 1910-15.jpg
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    Hey Keith, when is Richard going to allow me to join the group??? I keep applying but no luck...Roger
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    It appears that the Frisco would load and ship more than just livestock in a stock car. Utilization of inventory.
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    Both my grandfather, William D. Fletcher and great grandfather Wyatt Lawson hand cut, and packed out railroad ties by themselves for sale to the Frisco in Barry County, west of Washburn. Thanks for posting this picture.
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    Indeed. I think I’ve seen or read of bricks being shipped via stock car.

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