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    As many of you know as I have announced previously, I am in the midst of filming a feature film and 2 comedy specials for marketing on DVD and Audio CD. However I just thought I would take a minute to let ya'll know that I have posted some new photos of the progress my wife and I have made on the layout before we were forced to stop for me to complete these afore mentioned projects. Upon completion of the film we plan on taking a vacation before I complete the 2 comedy specials. Progress will probably resume on the layout during the winter months between comedy shows that may come about after the release of these 3 items to the market.

    I have about 3 feet of track to finish the connection of the inside main as well as laying the tracks for the yard. I also have yet to start laying the tracks for the industrial area. There is still alot of work needing to be done.

    In my line of work, projects come and go, sort of speradic. I may lay dormant for quite some time during which I will make more progress on my layout. And when projects do come they come in droves and can keep me busy for quite awhile.

    Within 6 months construction starts on an addition to my home at which time the layout will be completely covered for about 3 months to keep dust from entering into the locomotives components. I am having a new master bedroom and bathroom added to the first level of my home and my house is being remodeled to make it handicap equipped for myself from injuries I sustained during my tour in the Army and an injury I suffered while working for the railroad, and am also making my home equipped for other members of my family with handicaps.

    I will share progress of the layout as time goes on but it will probably be awhile. It is so hard to walk by the layout without wanting to sit down and work on something. But the delay gives me time to make revisions in my head before they are glued down and harder to remove.

    Look for me in the theaters and on the store shelves.
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    Hey Will,

    Post a few photos when you have time.

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    I added six or seven new pics to the FRISCO4500 so far album yesterday. I meant to mention that but forgot. :)

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