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    The KCC&S maintained engine facilities at three locations, Olathe, Clinton, and Ash Grove. I have found but one document that described any of the engine houses. In my father’s B&B records, I found a single note that gives, but the tersest description of the Olathe engine house.

    3 Stalls, 48’ x 80’
    1-Door, 2’-8” x 6’-6”
    12-Windows, 12 Light- 12” x 18”

    Making several assumptions, I produced the attached HO scale drawing of the structure as it might have appeared during 1925.

    • Board and Bat(ten) Siding
    • Box Ventilators; common on other Frisco Engine Houses. Metal stacks could be substituted.
    • Stone foundation, concrete or wood sills might have been used.
    • Tar paper roofing
    • Placement of door (2’-8” x 6’-6”) is arbitrary
    • All tracks were through tracks.
    Wood or styrene could be used as construction materials. I think that it would make nice model for the Frisco branchline modeler.

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  2. Karl, thanks for posting that!

    More on KCC&S enginehouses:

    The online Sanborn fire insurance maps from the U. of Missouri ( ) show two different KCC&S enginehouses at Ash Grove. Both are in about the same place in the middle of the wye. The 1902 map shows a two-stall enginehouse, with the stalls angled as if to converge on a (nonexistent) turntable. The 1921 map shows a three-stall structure with parallel tracks and a couple of small attached rooms for a sand dryer and bin. I have not included direct links to these maps because the URLs appear to be long and complex enough that many e'mail viewers would "break" them. However, the maps are not difficult to find from the URL supplied above.

    The Sanborn maps for Clinton, Mo., unfortunately do not cover the area of the KCC&S enginehouse. I have seen an MKT track chart of this area that shows three parallel enginehouse tracks for the adjacent KCC&S, but supplies no information about KCC&S structures. Further information may be available in some ICC valuation paperwork that I located and photocopied recently, but I don't have it immediately to hand.

    WorldCat indicates that Sanborn maps for Olathe, Kansas, were published, but they are not included in the U. of Missouri digital collection. It looks like Kansas State U. has access for faculty and students, in case anyone in the group is one or the other: ( ). I don't know in how much detail they might show the Frisco/KCC&S yards.

    Bradley A. Scott
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    The timing on your drawing couldn't be better, Karl; Hayti's "roundhouse" was apparently a two-stall enginehouse for which I'd been mulling how to best recreate it. This is a superb start.

    Was it common for these "shotgun" engine houses to have doors on each end? The Sanborn Maps of Hayti's facility show tracks running out the backside but then terminating not too far south.
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    Karl - Our son Kurt and his family live in Olathe. We are going over there in a couple of weeks for a visit. I plan to go take a look at the area you have identified. Thanks!

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    I am curious to see if there is any evidence remaining at the site.


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