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    Hoxie Sub Trackmen - 1960

    During the early 60's, the Hoxie Sub underwent a brief renaissance of sorts. A pipeline construction project in the Poplar Bluff area required the shipment of the pipe to Poplar Bluff via the Frisco's Hoxie Sub. One interchange report in my possession suggests that the pipe got to Chaffee over the C&EI. My father who was roadmaster of the Hoxie Sub at the time told me that 20 to 30 car trains were dispatched from Chaffee to the Bluff, and that 2 RS-1's were needed to pull the trains. For most of its length the Hoxie Sub was laid with 70 lb and lighter rail. Subjected to the increased traffic, broken rails were common. In a shot taken by my father, the trackmen have just finished replacing a broken rail, and replacing a couple of ties. The shot was taken near Advance, MO during the winter of 62-63.

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    Show'n' Off the New "Ride"

    Here's my dad, C. E. Brand, with his motor car at Chaffee, MO. It's 1962, and he's the newly appointed roadmaster to the Hoxie Sub.

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