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    For a long time I have tried to find anything about the stop known as Hornaday since it's so close to home, I literally drive past it every day going to work out at the farm. All I've ever known is that for a while, there use to be a small stock pen there and that's it. I recently got a nice nugget of information thanks to Karl when I requested some info on another matter. I finally had an indication that a siding existed here unit about WW2, but I had a hard time trying to estimate where exactly this siding is.

    It turns out the answers to my questions have been staring right at me for years now. Grandpa has a print of an USDA aerial photo from 1938 hanging in his office. After discussing some of the findings from another post with him during Christmas, he had the idea to pull the picture off the wall and let me look it over with a magnifying glass. It's not easy to see, but sure enough I can see exactly where the siding at Hornaday was, including the spots for the semaphores that would have guarded each turnout. I snapped a picture with my phone to share, hopefully it doesn't end up too blurry to see anything. I also made a new sketch in Google Earth to share as well. I dropped a pin approximately where the signals were and where the stop itself was. I measured it out, and it comes out right at 2.7 miles East (RR South) of Iantha as indicated by the 1940 ETT that Karl shared.

    Hornaday.JPG Screenshot_20220103-205009_Gallery.jpg

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