HO Scale Frisco Drumheads (SOLD)

Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by meteor910, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Speaking of Drumheads:

    I have two HO Tomar Industries #H-511 Lighted Drumheads for Frisco's "Will Rogers" passenger train, No's 3 & 4. These are unused, un-opened, in their original packet. These are the steam-era drumheads for a heavyweight tail car.

    This is item 81-511 at Walthers, sells for $13.25 today, plus shipping.

    For sale for $7.25 each, plus $0.75 for USPS First Class shipping to the buyer in a padded flat envelope.

    If interested, let me know via frisco.org private message or via an e-mail to meteor910@mindspring.com


    Ken |-|
  2. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    FYI - the two Tomar HO Frisco "Will Rogers" drumhead kits have been sold. Thanks to all who expressed interest.

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  3. Heres something i hope everyone will enjoy. On display at Oklahoma Railroad Museum.


    And this as well even though not a drumhead


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    I was surprised to see a Frisco wood cupola caboose on display at Paul's Valley, OK when we went through there with 1522. It was with an ATSF steam engine.
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  5. Yes it was moved there from down near Ada Oklahoma where it had previuosly been a private owned vacation/getway type cottage thing. Has been fully restored to its former glory complete with coal stove. Was paired up with ATSF 2-8-0 #1951 that had been there since donated to the city by ATSF many years ago. Old Pauls Valley Atsf station saved from demolition very nicely restored. The caboose looks very similar to the one at ORM. I need to go back there to see what i can learn about identifying ours. There are 20 steam locomotives on display in state of Oklahoma. 2 are at ORM. 7 are ATSF, 4 Frisco and 2 Rock Island plus seven others from other smaller companies. 2 Frisco are kin of 1522, the 1519 and 1526. Other 2 are Frisco 2-10-0 #1615 and 4-8-4 #4500. Other types (not Frisco) are 4-4-0, 2-6-2, 2-10-2, 4-6-2, 2-8-0, 2-8-2, 0-6-0T, an 0-4-0 and a couple of others. Frisco caboose is #893.

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