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  1. tferk

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    I have been doing a deep dive into Thebes Bridge history, which includes several land disputes between competing railroads in Scott County (Missouri side). The attached map was included in Railroad Gazette and Railway Age articles of the time.

    I have not found reference to the HM&A RR - was this possibly a Houck road?

    Thebes area map.jpg
  2. Karl

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    Houck’s Missouri & Arkansas aka St Louis, Kennett, and Southern and Allied Lines.
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    I have a copy of a book called “History of the Scott City Area” by Edison Shrum and Jim Burton. It’s mainly a compendium of early 1900s newspaper clippings and photocopied photos. It does have some good info on Graysboro. Happy to look through it and PM you any relevant details.
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    This will help, especially page 10.

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  5. timothy_cannon

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    I've been researching the Thebes Bridge for 40 years. Let me know if I can help. I have lots of information. I even have a friend that climbed to the very top of the bridge. What a nut!
  6. tferk

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    Thanks everyone for the help. HM&A became the St Louis & Gulf. Once I found an old Bootheel map and located "Commerce", I could make sense of this line. Wish I had all of these resources back in 1991-1992 when I worked in New Madrid and lived in Sikeston. Anyone remember those days before PCs and internet?

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