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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Joe Lovett, May 14, 2016.

  1. Joe Lovett

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    Just finished running the Grand Prix Event Opening Round and got 201 points, which puts me in 21st place. Only the top 50 go to Sunday's Final, so I should be okay. There are 4 people who haven't run all 8 races, 3 have run 7 and 1 ran 6. They could bump my position down a little bit but the goal was to move on to the final. The first 5 screenshots were taken after I ran 7 races and the bottom 4 are the special prizes and coins that will be awarded to each player.











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  2. Joe Lovett

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    In Saturday's race I placed 26th good enough for today's final. Working on raising the number of flags to give me a better chance to win races before I run the Grand Prix Event. There are 8 races on the same number of tracks..

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  3. Joe Lovett

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    I finished 21st out of 100 drivers in the final. The best I've run in the final was 15th about 3r 4 weeks ago. Today I changed clubs to one that is higher ranked and they have players that are the same rank as myself or better.

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  4. Joe Lovett

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    While playing with my phone came across this photo of Space Shuttle Discovery Flight Deck right before they power down for the last time. It went to the Smithsonian Institute in Chantilly Virginia.

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  5. Joe Lovett

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    I saw Broken Arrow's Police sports car this afternoon, saw it about a month ago for the first time. Sure does blend in with regular traffic.


    Police sports car is on the left. If you zoom in you can see the Police sign on the left rear panel. His lights were on and taking an autograph from an unfortunate driver but the Sun blocks lights out.

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    Yessir looks like kind of a sleeper there Joe. It can get right in amongst the regular traffic.
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    It will have limited range, though.
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    Hopefully it can maintain a charge during its shift!
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  9. Unless I’m the one they are looking for. :D
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    We just had a visitor at our front door. A Crawfish and every once in awhile a frog and Canadian Geese. We live in the middle of Broken Arrow and it feels like the country because east there is a big open field with a fire station a block away on other side of field. A huge park is across from the station and a few houses to the south and west. North is downtown about half mile. Every place we frequently go to is a mile a half away or less, we love it here. Only hear sirens maybe twice a day, our old apartment was 3 blocks from a fire station so we're used to the sirens. Better than Owasso, we heard commercial aircraft and Air Guard F-16's from the airport all day long, airport was 5 miles south.

    Having trouble loading a photo, will try again later.

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