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  1. Hi Fellas, I'm a 47 yr old who grew up along the L&N in the Appalachians of Kentucky. I'm a great fan of The FRISCO, including its cool "billboard"-style slogan rolling stock of the 60's & 70's ilk that I saw a lot when growing up. We had a heavily trafficked L&N single track right behind my back yard (a train ever 90 mins or less); and we had 2 seldom-used branchline tracks buried in the dirt / the grass, up to the tops of their rails, which crossed our driveway (how Appalachian white trash/ lucky railfan is THAT?!). — One of my fondest memories is that after thinking the front yard tracks were no longer used, I came home from school one day on the bus to see the giant words, "Ship It on the FRISCO!", on a beautiful boxcar, along with similar hoppers, parked right in my own front yard! They had left a gap for our driveway. The cars sat there for days before being gone one afternoon as mysteriously as they had arrived.
    — PS. My name is D.W. Newman, and I now live in Hollywood, Los Angeles and am currently producing a lavish animated cartoon TV series about Appalachian country boys (set in 1978), who are railfans, and the adventures they have. You can count on the fact that my team will be depicting lots of FRISCO freight car action.
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    Welcome Aboard, D.W.! If it's the Frisco you are interested in, there is plenty to read and look at here.
  3. Thanks, Keith! :)
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    Indeed, welcome aboard DW. What is the name of your animated series, and where might one view episodes (or samples) if so inclined?

    Whizkid is right: Lots of Frisco crazies hang out here.
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    Welcome aboard!
  6. Thanks, Jim and thanks, Coonskin! :)
    To answer coonskin's question, our IT guys have just loaded the "splash page" onto our series' official site and you can see those images now, but there is no "inside" beyond that to explore yet. But take a look at: http://www.plowboyuniverse.com
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    Welcome to the site, D.W., from another Frisco fan in Temecula, CA!
  8. Thank you, Sir! :)

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