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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Collin M, Nov 15, 2021.

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    Hello everyone, I am Collin and I live in Springfield, MO and I'm currently in my senior year of high school. I've been interested in railroads for a few years now and at first I was more interested in the current railroads and their operations but overtime I have become more and more interested with historic railroads. I am most interested in the Frisco just because of where I live I guess, but it is a fascinating railroad. I have had an account here for a while but have just used it to look at documents and never actually posted anything. I've also volunteered at the Railroad Historical Museum here in town when I can and I enjoy that. I have a large interest in freight operations, so this site has been great to find tons of information on that, so thanks to all of you long time members who post here.

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    Welcome aboard, friend! You definitely live in a Frisco rich environment. So good to have younger members join. Keeps the ball rolling.
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  3. Welcome Collin.
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    Collin, by all means, Welcome Aboard! Be sure to avail yourself of the vast store of Frisco knowledge that can be found on this forum and don't be hesitant to ask questions.
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    Welcome in Collin. Always good to see someone from the younger generation join the group. I too grew up with BNSF. I stumbled on to this site one day after my grandpa telling me something about a Frisco railroad that used to pass by home. 12 years later, I'm still here, still learning new things all the time about this wonderful railroad. I think you'll find the resource availability on this website is the among the best of any organization.
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    Thanks guys, and thanks for the kind words Joe. I hope I will be able to be at the museum more than I was the last few months of this season. In July I switched jobs to working part time at the The Library Center and I have been working Saturdays there so I haven't been able to be at the museum much. Hopefully I can change that by next summer.
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    Welcome, I'm a Sophomore in Harrisburg, Illinois and am also new. It is good to know someone else near my age shares the same interests.
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