Grading crews busy at Newburg

Discussion in 'General' started by frisco1522, Dec 6, 2008.

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    The grading crews are working overtime to get Newburg graded and ready for trackwork and the depot.
    This is very early in the game, basic benchwork framing is up, but not braced or anchored yet. The joists are attached to the top of the L girders and the plywood is just laying on top of the joists. I put some track together so I could play with the 1522 and tweak the sound on her as well as get a grasp on how much track Newburg will have. Out of sight just to the right will be the east switch, and at the far end where you see the short straight section attached to the diagonal benchwork will be the west switch. The diagonal stretch is about 21'.
    The roundhouse module will attach about where the far end of the drawing is and will come out about 3'. The roundhouse in the background on the right is the one that will go in the workshop area on the other side of the basement where the staging and storage yard will be.
    This would be a good time to stop and clean up my mess again. I try to do that every couple of days.

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    Looks great, Don. It will be good to see the " gandy dancers" at work again!
    We do have some 1/29 running now outside. Just a loop, but it is a start. I have been collecting large scale for twenty years now, and with the trauma year I have just been thru, I told myself I was out of excuses!! I do have some left-over HO equipment that I dont know what to do about. An unfinished passenger train [ the E's are painted and lettered, and the cars are painted as well, but are not yet lettered ]. I have been thinking about seeing if anyone on this forum would be interested. I am planning on doing a set in 1/29, but need to win the lotto first!!
    Stay warm, it's a bear outside. I spent all day out installing my new wood boiler for the home. The old fingers didn't care much for the weather!
    Catch ya later,

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  3. w3hodoug (Doug Hughes RIP 03/24/2021)

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    OK Don, you are setting a good example for the rest of us procrastinators. Doug

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