Frisco pullman cars

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    That was why I asked the question on this thread.

    The photo of 1809 certainly helps for the MTL 10-1-2, which is what 1809 was built from. I bought two of these, and one car is definitely going to end up as 1809 as a coach. The other car is probably going to end up as "Lake Albert", which, from what I can tell, is the only other Frisco owned plan 3585 10-1-2.

    One of my two plan 3410 12-1s is going to end up as "McKeever". "McKeever" was a Katy owned car in pool service from 1949-1964 (the dates are from the recent TRRA issue on the Texas Special). This car still exists, and is currently owned by the Texas Transportation Museum. Microscale has made this one easy for us. The name "McKeever" appears in Microscale set 60-1089 in gold lettering and set 60-1090 "Dulux gold" (i.e. yellow).

    If I can't find photos of SLSF1808, I am probably going to make my second plan 3410 12-1 into "McCumber". "McCumber" was another Katy owned car. It was in pool service from 1949-1957. It appears to have been damaged and withdrawn from lease in 1957 (again, according to the TRRA Texas Special issue). The name "McCumber" appears in Microscale set 60-1091 (in gold) and 60-1092 (in Dulux) so Microscale has made this one easy for us as well.

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    Please note that after doing some research, I've corrected dates in this thread on five of the December '07 posts (With pictures) of the retired Pullmans stored at Springfield.

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    Good find, Paul. Looks like it was painted red/silver for use with the post-war lightweight equipment? Wonder if anyone can pinpoint the location based on the bridge?

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    Yes, along with other cars for which there are photos in this thread.

    From other photos on the page, my guess is Salt Lake City.

    ( there is a photo of UP horse baggage cars with what appears to be the same bridge in the background),.

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    I agree, it's the same bridge.


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