Frisco Proto 2K E8A Sound Decoder Install

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    Attached are pictures of my first installation of a SoundTraxx Tsunami decoder in a Proto 2000 E8A. I used a Mega Bass 23mm square speaker (SoundTraxx 810129) in a custom-built enclosure. I laid double-side tape on top of the frame to tack down the wires and replaced the bulbs with warm white LEDs and 1200 ohm resistors (1K would do). The capacitor was located below the cab floor at the head of the loco, secured by outdoor mounting tape. I used a black Sharpie to "paint" the end of the decoder to better hide it since it sticks into the cab through the cab rear wall. The attached pdf file is a drawing of the speaker enclosure.

    The same position would be used for the newer Tsunami 2 TSU-2200 EMD 885005. With the advent of the sugar cube type speakers with better low frequency response, I would most likely opt for a four-speaker, series-parallel arrangement of them on newer installations.

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    I really admire the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thanks for posting this.
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    Thank you, George. It's the only way I work; neatness makes for fewer problems and easier diagnosis.
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