Frisco PA/F1/8 Hindsight industrial Railroad passenger locomotive

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    I was really scraping the bottom of the parts barrel for this one. Needed something appropriate to power the Joint Frisco/Hindsight passenger operation. I think it is powered by Briggs & Stratton. Managed to squeeze in most of the appropriate stuff on the roof too. This is a Athearn BB shell on an Alcoa PA A1A truck and a scratch built frame.
    Thanks as always to my friend Ken Wulfert for parts, wisdom and inspiration. I know this paint scheme never had the horse names on them but this one deserved it.

    005.JPG 003.JPG 002.JPG 006.JPG 010.JPG 004.JPG 012.JPG [​IMG]

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  2. meteor910

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    Little Plug! Love it. Bet she rides like a Rolls Royce on that big Alco A-1-A truck.

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  3. DanHyde

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    Love it! Nothing like "tongue in cheek" Railroad!!
  4. klrwhizkid

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    Nice work on all it, but the neat work on the drivetrain especially caught my eye. As I was looking at the lettering, my mind interposed an A between the H and the I R. I guess a was thinking Hindsight Agricultural / Industrial Railway.
  5. gjslsffan

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    Ha Keith. The HIRS was a ploy to get the Mrs Vicki to like it, and she did, I am pleased to report.
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