Frisco Modern 86/89' and 60' Flat cars HO scale

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    Tom, the crate might have been for a hand or power switch. Generally it was full of switch plates, wedges, braces and the special bolts. Most of the items came separate like some in a gondola, flat and part by truck. In planning for a switch relay all the parts would be laying close to the switch that was to be removed. They did not use a tarp, the crate is dead on. A good modeling idea might be some laying on the ground. You might also see a flat with rail, gondola with Frog, Points and Guard Rails setting in a track close to the work. The crate kinda brought that idea to mind. Most would think it was just a bunch of junk laying around.
    Bill Jackson
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    Ok Bill,
    I understand what your talking about now:)
    I made a mold of a bunch of crates and I have a bunch of them molded, every time I am using Hydrocal for scenery or something if there is any left in the mixing bowl I fill these molds so it doesn't take long to get a bunch of them. That's a good idea to have crates like that around the OS's. Maybe some insulated joints too. Never enough stuff like that lying around you know:)
    Tom Holley

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