Frisco in Color, Vol. 3 (Maybe)

Discussion in 'General' started by gstout, Feb 4, 2017.

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    I am sitting here with literally thousands of color slides of Frisco steam and diesel locomotives, rolling stock, structures, you name it, I've got 'em in spades. Now to clarify, many of these are images that have probably appeared in the Archive at one time or another, including original photos and "store bought" from Chione, Evda, Trackside, etc. Even at that, I think there are more than enough to put together a Volume 3 as we only need about 250 to complete the work. That said, I have no idea where a lot of these came from as there is no information on the slide mount, including, most importantly, who was the photographer. Now...I am more than happy to write the book, but I am going to need SERIOUS help identifying the location and subject shown in the photo. I CANNOT DO THIS MYSELF. Accordingly I am asking for volunteers to help me identify the photos so that I can come up with intelligent captions. If there are folks out there who are willing to help out, I would live to hear from you, but please DO NOT volunteer if you cannot actually put in the effort. I know this will sound snarky to some, but these books are a lot of work, take a lot of time, and should not be lightly undertaken. Again, I don't need writers, I need guys who are familiar enough with various parts of the railroad to know what they are looking at. So...if after reading this you think this might be something you would like to involve yourself with, please contact me via PM or directly at garp1027 (at) sbcglobal dot net.

    Hope we can get this thing off the runway.

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    I can't do that part Greg but I hope that others of us have contributed to make this happen. Some of us put a lot of money into those slides and I would love to see it pay off in future volumes.

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    Several individuals have volunteered to help out, and we certainly have more than enough material for Volume 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8... One of the obstacles we are going to have to overcome is just who took some of these photos and do we have permission to use them. At this point I am not certain how to do this, but right now I am pretty well occupied trying to pick out the best images. Laying my cards on the table, I can say with near certainty that I am going to avoid roster shots as much as possible in favor of showing trains in the "natural habitat." I think Lou Marre did an excellent job explaining the Frisco's roster in his landmark books. I like to look at trains.

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    Sounds good to me. :)

    I have more slides at home to mail to Bob and they will, of course, find their way to you as well.

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    I hope we can get it out of the yard...LOL.
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    It's my understanding that if one owns (legally possesses) the original slide... it's yours to do what you want with it.

    Reproducing/distribution of duplicates get a bit more entangled.
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    I'm finding that I do enjoy looking at the surrounding details that make up the habitat as much as examining the motive power or rolling stock itself. Looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

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    Strictly speaking, that's not the case. An artist actually has the legal right to retain the copyright even if an original work is sold. I've seen this happen on multiple
    occasions, even a couple of times on e-bay auctions, where that was actually stipulated in the auction description.

    Of course, many of the images we're talking about are taken by non-professional photographers, and many times there isn't a paper trail to know who owns the copyright,
    even if you know who the photographer is.

    There's also the problem of enforceablity of copyright. Today, every work is automatically copyrighted, but in order to enforce that copyright, you still have to register the
    copyright with the copyright office. (I have a few works where the copyrights are actually registered, though the vast majority of the things I have created aren't).

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    Paul is correct. The reproduction rights to a work of art remains with the artist, regardless of who owns the work itself. I have been going through the slides I have here (I am guessing around 3,000) to find the ones I like best. The part of this I am worried about is having someone pop up claiming he wants to be paid because we used a photo without securing permission. Obviously, if the slide mount is stamped "Trackside Slides," "Al Chione" or some such, I will not be using it. For the rest, I am thinking the credit line should simply be " Collection."


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