Frisco HO "factory" paint jobs

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  1. meteor910

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    I'm interested in the group's opinion .....

    What Frisco HO locomotive do you think had the best "factory" paint job? By best, I'm thinking in terms of being accurate and quality of color, lettering, stripes, etc.

    My thoughts for potential candidates - not in any particular order:

    Proto 2000 E8 (r/g/w)
    Proto 2000 FA/FB (b/y)
    Genesis F3A/F3B (b/y)
    Genesis GP15-1 (o/w)
    Walthers Proto H10-44 (b/y)&(o/w)
    Atlas GP7 (b/y)
    Atlas B30-7 (o/w)
    Atlas MP15 (o/w)
    Atlas GP38 (o/w)
    Atlas RS-1 (b/y)
    Athearn SD45 (o/w)
    Athearn SD40-2 (o/w)
    Athearn GP35 (o/w)
    Stewart U25b (o/w)

    Any others? Older BB Athearns? Stewart Baldwins? Stewart F3's? Stewart U25b's?

    Boy, we've had a lot of locomotives come our way!

  2. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Supporter

    Can't speak for HO, although I did buy an HO Proto E-8. But in "N" scale, the LL Racehorse/Redbird E-8, Atlas VO-1000, Atlas GP-7, LL RS-2, Atlas RS-1. All those have HO counterparts except the RS-2.

    Tom G.
  3. Iantha_Branch

    Iantha_Branch Member

    If your looking at JUST paint, then any of the Atlas O&W units, or the Athearn Gen GP15-1. The any thing athearn pre SD40-2 can be discounted (in my opinion), before they made that one they used a dark red instead of the correct o/r color. They have nice color now, the SD40-2's and SD45's didn't have the hand rails painted correctly. I don't have any comments on anything else on the list.

  4. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    The red/orange color on the Athearn Blue Box SW1500, GP-40-2, and SD40-2 was not all that bad. Just a shade too red. Much better than the early efforts by Atlas, Walthers, Broadway, etc.


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