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    IMG_0019.JPG Found this pin in a box of stuff from an old friend that passed away, Ruth Beimdiek. Ruthie worked for the Frisco in St. Louis for many years. She gave me more items, but have not photographed these yet. Anyone have any info about this pin? Mike.P
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    Mike, I've not ever seen anything like this. I'm not sure when the "Frisco Fast Freight" slogan first originated - maybe in the early 1930s about the time the depression-era receivership commenced?

    I can imagine lots of Frisco employees, as part of their town's Frisco Employee Club, wearing these as they met. The club news articles from the old Frisco Employee's Magazine are always an interesting read.

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    Hadn't really anyone replied to this, so I thought I would. I would guess I was about 15 when my grandfather took me to my first Frisco Men's Club meeting. I went to a few. That would have been about 1967 or so. It was Smoke filled room, with lots of craps, stud poker and skin flicks. Man at 15 it was as good as it gets. I was in hog heaven. Reminds me of my trips to the Diesel Shops in 1960 or so. Seen Norman Napier and Strakey, They used to just wave to me, when I walked in. Everyone knew me. I was Heavy Jackson's grandson. I walked among the F-3's the spare E-8 Engines and the black and yellows. At the time, it was not important, I was more interested in what grandpa had extra in his lunch box. I used to go with the real boys and wash up, at the lavatories. They were big basins, with a sprinklers in the middle. The smell was of heavy Diesel, it got in your clothing, you could barely wash it out. Grandfather went with a Bacon, Egg sandwich and peanut butter, jelly for years. He had an old metal lunch box, I carried it to the welding plant when I went to work. The Frisco Employees Club, it was the high life.
    William Jackson
    Needless to say the pin is a prize to me
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  4. Mike,

    I had one of these until it came loose from my uniform vest and was lost. A jeweler friend of mine has offered to recreate one for me. Thanks for posting the photo so that can now be done. Would you mind letting me know the dimensions of the outside edge? I think it is just a little less than a half inch but I am not for sure. The exact measurement would be very helpful!



    Central Division
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    While we are on the subject of pins. My grandfathers 25 yr pin. Hid initials are on the back.
    William Jackson

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  6. Very Nice Pin!!
  7. Mike,

    any chance to post the dimensions of tri angle employee club pin??


    Chuck Central Division

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