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    Flyer and registration form for the Frisco Convention 2011 from Ron Williams.

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    Can someone who went to a previous convention tell a little bit about them? I may go, if I can health wise.
  3. Okay, just for the record for those of you will probably notice, the post 9/1 registration is $35 as correctly stated on the registration form but incorrectly stated on the flyer. But why worry. Register now and you will eliminate the worry over that detail. And another thing, Bradley Scott's clinic will be about the history of the Leaky Roof for sure but not the model, just some ideas on how to model it. Ron Williams
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    I went to the first convention in Pittsburg, but was not able to make it to Kansas City. It's questionable whether I can attend this year at Springfield.
    Any way to answer Manny's question it is a lot of fun. The clinics are very informative. And of course there is always swap tables, my problem is I'm hurting on money at the moment since I bought a truck this afternoon.........

    Any way for those that do go have fun.

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    Howdy Manny,

    The convention is made up of a series of clinics. While the clinics were fantastic, I really enjoyed meeting all the Frisco folks who I had only met online here at or in the Yahoo group. There was also a swap meet, which proved to be a terrific chance to purchase couple of sought after items at great prices. The group went on joint tours and had a night out together eating BBQ. A few modelers brought prized equipment to show off, so it was a fun session.

    Ron Williams and gang have put together a group of the best of the best for the clinicians, so I can't wait to attend.

    Hope this helps,
    Mike Corley
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    This convention should be a good one, right in heart of Frisco's Home Territory. Lessons learned from the first two have been applied in planning this one and the guys in Springfield are great hosts.
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