Frisco Caboose in 1:8"

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    Cross posted from the Workshop Wednesday thread.

    1/8th scale and runs on 7.5 inch gauge. It's 4 feet long so it works out to prototypically 32 feet, 15 inches wide (10 feet wide), and a rough guestimate at 60 pounds. It's my first "all wood" car as the sides are made from appearance grade 5/8" plywood and the frame is a piece of oak I had from a furniture project. I have a radial arm saw set up with a very fine kerf blade for the slat detail as I'm not to the point of actually doing real slats... Window frames are just mitered wood detail built up and glued together.
    Handrails are from Precision Steel Car. and the graphics are from Miracle Graphics, who specialize in this size equipment. I bought the truck castings years ago along with the couplers and finally got around to machining them. Walkways, steps, roof and doors are all thinner 1/4" plywood I had laying around. 1129a.jpg 1129b.jpg
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  2. Looks great. Very neat project!!
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    Very impressive work! Looks like you should be able to put the air to it.
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    Thanks Tom. Actually there are brake systems available for these, and I was considering installing a system that works just like the full size ones.
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